What Is Organisational, Business And Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Is a partnership between a coach and a client for the purpose of enhancing the client’s life experience, skills, performance, capacities or wellbeing.

Organisational and Business Coaching

Is coaching that is provided by a formally designated coach and conducted within organisational settings.  It’s focus is on improving clients’ work-related skills, work performance or work-related personal development in a way that is personally and professionally beneficial to the client.

There are different ways of describing coaching for example; Coaches can help clients in the following ways:

(a) Skills Coaching

Skills coaching refers to coaching that is aimed at developing or improving basic work-related skills.  Examples of such include delegation, time management, active listening, questioning, feedback and performance management skills.  The purpose of skills coaching is to build capability, rather than achieve particular work related targets.  

(b) Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is aimed towards improving the coachee’s ability to achieve work-related goals such as specific organisational outcomes.  Performance coaching typically involves the articulation of desired levels of performance and pathways to achieve these goals.  It often also involves the identification of current and potential cognitive, behavioural and environmental blocks to performance.  

(c) Developmental Coaching 

Developmental coaching is used to mean any change in the person that better equips them to undertake their organisational role.  As such both skills and performance coaching involve development of the coachee.  Developmental coaching is aimed at developing increasingly complex levels of self-awareness, emotional regulation and cognitive understanding as the foundation for decision-making and action.  It is aimed at enhancing the coachee’s ability to meet current and future challenges more effectively via the development of more complex understanding of the self, others and the systems in which the coachee is involved.  

(d) Remedial Coaching 

Remedial coaching is aimed at problematic attitudes or behaviours interfering with the coachee’s organisational performance. Coaching may involve a combination of skills, performance or developmental coaching, and is most often conducted in response to the identification of behaviours perceived as needing to change if desired performance and career opportunities are to be realised.

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