Beware The Free Divorce Advice You Get

By David Westwick

What is free divorce advice? Is it advice given to help you in your divorce to make the experience and outcomes better for you? Is it advice given to help you bypass mistakes that have cost other people? Or tactics you can incorporate to help you gain some advantage?

You will find that well intentioned advice is given freely by practically everyone you have contact with especially those who have an emotional investment in a divorce, theirs or someone close. The horror stories of how the system worked against a family member or the horrors of an ex doing the wrong thing and the system not intervening. There is also the advice about how someone received the lions share with a few tricks or strategies.

Free divorce advice online in forums or chat rooms is easily available and you can often read the interesting information that has helped in other cases.

The reality is that your marriage was individual and your divorce will be individual as well. Divorce laws differ from state to state and country to country and, quite frankly, from case to case. If divorce or any legal situation was easy to solve there would not be court dates or mediation or coaches or professionals working tirelessly to make the system better.

Divorce is filled with grey areas where the individual couple must decide the right approach for the betterment of their separation, the children involved, the finances, their lives to come and their emotional well-being.

Search out free divorce advice, examine it for the help it could give but always remember that you are ultimately responsible for the outcomes you bring about. Discuss new strategies with your lawyer, but remember to ask what can happen if your strategy doesn’t work and make educated decisions that you are happy to take responsibility for.

The best divorce advice available on the internet is given by divorce professionals who know the law, know their business and know the pit falls. Listen to the advice of these specialists especially in the areas of where people make mistakes or how behaviour influences outcome. Most free divorce advice given by professionals working in divorce is not full of how to win a more money, win custody or get the outcome you want because they know it is not that easy. Divorce is a negotiation between adults and the result could have many versions.

There is wonderful free divorce advice available to help you get through the emotional stages of divorce, explain the feelings you are having, help you keep parenting effectively, introduce you to financial documentation and budgeting for divorce expenses all written from the expertise of those who work in divorce everyday and understand the importance of getting these areas covered.

Free divorce advice is a precious commodity whether it be from well-meaning friends or online but beware what advice you listen to and what advice you act upon, your divorce and your life will depend on it.

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